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About Vigilance Technologies

Vigilance Technologies Pty Ltd, based in Warwick on Queensland’s Southern Downs in Australia, are manufacturers of BirdDeter, the world’s first responsive bird deterrent system.

The BirdDeter system has now been in operation in Australian vineyards and other industries since 1997. Development started in 1992 and was funded with HRDC assistance. The tools and strategies developed were a logical progression of the research available at the time. Since then, through application of the technology in the field, customer feedback and the use of radar to monitor and record bird activity, the technology has evolved into the highly refined and versatile system available today.

World-wide applications for high value crops

Rapid growth in both sales volume and market geography has occurred since 1997, with the main market being high value horticultural crops, including grapes, cherries, stone fruit, lychees and blueberries.

The BirdDeter product has experienced world wide interest, applications of which are far reaching. The product provides effective bird control for a variety of situations, including industrial and commercial applications.

100% Australian owned and manufactured

The company remains 100% Australian owned, and manufacturing occurs in Warwick, South East Queensland. Vigilance Technologies has an ongoing commitment to research and development, which forms a significant proportion of resource allocation.