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Vigilance Technologies' BirdDeter system is the world's first radar deterrent system for the ultimate protection from pest birds, because it is responsive - it ‘knows’ when birds or flying foxes enter the crop area, and then scares them away.

Our systems, when combined with the correct strategy, provide the following benefits:

  • Trains the birds to go away, and stay away
  • Proven track record (see the case studies on this site)
  • 100% access to the crop or situation, 100% of the time
  • Maximum scare impact on the birds
  • Portable, so it can be moved around to where it’s most needed
  • Deterrent sounds and visuals don’t "go off" all the time annoying the neighbours
  • Low maintenance, providing significant savings in labour
  • Minimal impact on the environment
  • Optional connection to gas cannons, Scarey Clown, electric hawk, strobe lights, etc.
  • Highly cost effective
  • Designed, owned and manufactured in Australia

The system comprises two parts: the radar detection unit, and the bird deterrent module.

The best results are obtained by combining these together as a system (The Sentinel); however in some situations, excellent results can be obtained by using the deterrent module alone (The Kestrel).

Supplementary deterrent devices such as gas cannons, Scarey Clown, electric hawk and strobe lights can be connected to and triggered by the deterrent module.