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Deterrent Controllers

The RCSW - deterrent controller with scarey clown/gas gun connections.

The VT3 - deterrent controller with audio.

Features and Benefits

  • Built in radio receiver. Can be activated by radar or remote control.
  • Deterrent sequence, time and duration changes for each activation.
  • 120 dBA sound at 1 meter (adjustable)
  • Speaker switching to mimic movement of sound
  • Sound track switching over a 4 day period via a light sensor
  • 4.5 minutes of sound track (15 to 30 second sections played during each activation).
  • Digital quality sound system (16 kHz sampling)
  • Easy to change, plug in sound track
  • On board battery management system protects battery and extends battery performance/life
  • Comes with solar panel and in built solar charger.
  • Automatic on/off function via in-built light sensor
  • Stainless steel, powder coated construction, sealed connectors and enclosures.
  • Gas Gun interface and controller
  • Inflatable scarecrow interface and controller
  • Controller for visual deterrent devices - strobe lights/electric hawk/laser projector
  • Plug in software upgrades
  • Can be trailer mounted (photos for DIY trailers available)
  • Timer models available for stand alone applications