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BirdDeter Radar System

The Radar Unit Detects Birds Entering the Protected Area

A radar "detection zone" (a 3-dimensional football shaped beam) is created between radar transmitter and receiver units. Birds are detected when they fly anywhere through this area. The radarís adaptive processing responds only to birds and ignores other signals ó such as the movement of tree branches.

The system is triggered only when pests enter the protected area via the radar protection zone, producing the maximum scare effect on the birds and preventing them from becoming accustomed to the deterrents. Another benefit is the reduced likelihood of noise pollution.

The flying pests (birds or flying foxes) learn that the area is to be avoided and they fly to other areas to feed.

Features & Benefits

  • Range of up to 600m (see animation)
  • Adjustable bird activity and size thresholds
  • Records bird activity with time and date
  • Comes with PC based Bird Graphing software
  • Includes multi channel radio transmitter for activation of deterrents
  • Includes Solar charging and regulation
  • Comprehensive diagnostics for set up and trouble shooting.

Radar transmitter and receiver units.

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