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Bird Deterrents

Computer-Managed Natural Sounds Scare Away the Birds

When birds enter the protected area, the deterrent module is triggered by radio link from the radar unit. Digital quality deterrent sounds are emitted which produce an immediate effect on the birds, scaring them away from the crop. These sounds are bio-acoustics ó natural predator and distress calls.

An on-board computer manages the deterrent system and varies the type, sequence and duration of sounds and visual deterrents every time the deterrent unit is activated ó another reason why the birds do not become accustomed to the sound. Each system is customised to suit the particular pest birds and situation.

Because the deterrents are triggered immediately, birds never get a chance to settle in the crop (or other area being protected). It can be quite difficult to shift a flock once itís established, so itís important to get started with a bird control program early in the season.

Wide Range of Deterrent Options.

This high reliability GAS GUN fires only when triggered
by the Deterrent Unit, thus maximising the scare impact.

PROWLER OWL installed, and Prowler Owl deployed above crop.

An ELECTRIC HAWK, mounted on a 5m boom, can be plugged into
the deterrent module for added effect on specific pest birds.

STROBE LIGHTS provide a supplementary deterrent suited to some
pest species, including flying fox and parrots.

The SCARY CLOWN (or SCARECROW) is a 2.4m high inflatable figure with waving arms and acts as a silent bird deterrent. It is typically mounted on a pole to sit in a concealed position below the height of the vines or tree canopy (appearing surprisingly above the crop when activated). Other inflatable figure options are available.

200mW green laser scanning over a 20 Ha stone fruit orchard.

The 200mW GREEN LASER PROJECTOR is also ideal for waterbirds. The colour green is at the peak optical response of the eye, appearing much brighter than other colours. Other colours can also be used, for example, red is more effective in the day-time.

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